Vassago - Demon of Divulgence

Do you suspect something has been hidden from you?

If so, petition Vassago to help you get to the bottom of it.

Vassago is a Demon specializing in helping uncover missing items and revealing secrets, whether it be infidelity, financial matters, or perhaps something personal that needs to be brought to light.

In addition to this, this Demon specializes in several core skills of Magick and life in general.

Necromancy is the practice of communicating with the dead. This is a particular area of Magick Vassago is fantastic at assisting with. She is also an excellent choice for improving one’s divination skills in general.

There’s also a lot Vassago can help with on a personal level. Helping with issues of high anxiety or low confidence is something this Demon excels at. In particular, she is very effective at helping someone develop a commanding presence at work. Furthermore, although other Demons are more commonly called upon for love-related matters, Vassago should not be overlooked. If your love life could use some work or is non-existent for that matter, she can help bring a romantic partner into your life. With that said, one of her most unique attributes when it comes to love magick is her ability to keep your current partner faithful and sexually engaged.

Vassago appears as a tall woman (around 6 feet in height) with long dark hair; she has green eyes and a dark complexion during full evocation.

When petitioning this Demon, it is customary to provide an offering. Therefore, blood offerings and her pendant are highly recommended. Additional offerings she is known to like are champagne, sea salt, roses, rye, and natural agate.

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