Ose - Demon of Deception

Looking to deceive someone? We’re not here to judge, only educate. For this type of situation, you’ll want to work with the Demon Ose. Ose is part of the Royal Legion and specializes in all things related to deception. His Magick works best for in-person interactions. When you need to appear more valuable or impress someone, he can make you appear extremely intelligent, talented, and appealing to any person of interest. This is perfect for first-date situations or interviews with a potential employer or client. Due to his expertise in manipulating the mind, he can be incredibly effective at cursing people with insanity.

Ose also has other abilities that will be useful to many. He is an excellent option for those needing help with reversing a curse. He is also very helpful at helping people learn new job skills and advancing in their workplace. Ose is clearly supportive of the old aphorism “Fake it until you make it.” Not only does he help you get your foot in the door, but he also helps you acquire the necessary skills to back it up once you’re inside.

During evocation, Ose appears as a tall man around 7 ft in height, with black hair, red eyes, and tan skin. He has a very muscular and athletic build and is known to be very energetic and talkative. Very often, he appears in a charcoal suit paired with a red tie. It is worth noting that Ose is particularly fond of altars, so if choosing to work with Ose, you may want to dedicate an altar to him if possible. When petitioning Ose, it is also customary to provide an offering to him. In addition to his pendant and an offering of blood, other recommended offerings include precious metals, public proclamation, tea, and drawings.


Hail Ose

Erik August 09, 2023

Hail ose!

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