Vepar - Demon of Illness

Today’s post will be on a Demon that specializes in bringing chronic disease and illness to enemies. That Demon is none other than Vepar. Vepar has an arsenal of intense hexes that are guaranteed to bring pain and even death to those who have hurt you or your loved ones. With that said, enemies come in all different degrees of severity. Sometimes you may just want to cut someone down being overly arrogant towards you and teach them some humility. In that case, Vepar is also more than happy to assist.

For those involved in politics, whether through the government or within a private company, Vepar is commonly used to make someone in a high social position fall from grace and lose public favor. She can also be used to strengthen your own position or bestow strength upon you when faced with a difficult task or journey that must be overcome.

She will usually appear as a tall woman during evocation, although she also has a male form. In either case, both forms have a height of approximately 7 feet. For the rest of this description, I will be referring to her female form, although her male form also has similar features. She is known to have long black hair with green eyes. Other notable features, in particular, are that she has a very pointed chin and a very soft voice. Most often, she will appear wearing a white robe.

While full evocations are possible, they are not guaranteed. If Vepar does not physically appear when you attempt to contact her, other signs of her presence to look for are a significant change in room temperature. She will typically make the room colder. You may also notice items suddenly moving on their own or being knocked over. If this happens, just remember this is not meant to be threatening, but merely her way of letting you know she is listening. You may also experience the sensation of something blowing in your ear.

When petitioning Vepar, it is customary to provide her with an offering. Therefore, having her pendant on hand and a blood offering is highly recommended. Other offerings she is fond of include public proclamation, sexual offerings, leather, coins, jewelry, make-up, alcohol, licorice, and star-shaped items.

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Praise and honor to Vepar!

Nock Ronald March 28, 2024

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