The Law of Mentalism

Let’s start with the principle of mentalism; which states that “all is mind” and the universe is entirely mental. Quite an abstract concept for most people to grasp. Prefer video? Click here to watch this presentation.

Even so, science has progressed to a point where many scientists now agree with the ancient alchemists that everything originates from one original matter. It’s fascinating how as science develops, the more they begin to fall in line with these ancient teachings. Even Albert Einstein confirmed that matter and energy are convertible into the other. Where they are now stuck is in trying to figure out what that matter is.

According to the Law of Mentalism, that original matter is
thought. Yes, thought is matter. Every single thought all individuals accumulate is matter. And everything we experience originates from thought.

All our physical surroundings, energy, and forms of life we come across all come from thought. This is also one of the secrets contained in The High Priestess tarot card. We are all plugged into a giant universal network of thoughts called the Collective Subconscious; which originates from the creator known as God.

Because everything originates from thought, everything must operate by this law of mentalism.

Why is this important to Magick?

Due to the law of mentalism, all matter, energy, and power are subordinate to the mind. Once you realize that your mind is the pervading nature behind all things, you’ve officially tapped into one of the core secrets of Magick. When you view and therefore think everything you do as an interaction of thought, you’ll have developed a real understanding of this principle.

Most people operate through life only consciously working through the physical plane, Relying solely on their mind and body to take action to achieve a desire.

Mass has energy and energy has mass.

Converting matter into energy produces a tremendous force. And it’s that same force which turns energy into mass and thought into energy. The energy from thought begins in the highest plane of the divine realm and trickles down to the astral plane and finally into physical matter in our physical plane here on Earth.
What physical matter consists of is a high concentration of energy in a comparatively small space.

Without getting too technical, let’s say that all concentrated energy has a positive and electric charge. This relates to the principle of duality, which will be covered in another lesson. For now, know that everything that exists must have a polar
opposite. The building blocks of all matter consist of positrons and electrons.

When a positron and electron unite, we have the existence of weight. Science has observed that when a concentration of energy reaches a certain level, it turns into physical
matter. And all physical matter can exert influence to a certain extent on this physical plane.

Just as the sun holds the moon into its orbit, and the moon influences the tides; everything we manifest in life or come in contact with originated from thought. From there, it comes down to the astral realm, and eventually into the physical plane.

- Rin Otori 

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