When Your Magick Practice Doesn't Produce Results

When practicing Magick does not produce desired results, most people blame not learning "the real stuff." They tend to feel that they would achieve full evocations and levitate in the air if they could learn the best techniques or the "secret."

Nevertheless, these practices are not worldly skills but go far beyond what is generally expected. One must apply different and higher logic to make sense of them. If you do not reap the rewards you desire, you may overemphasize the physical aspect of practice and neglect its spiritual aspect. Ultimately, magical success is not determined by outward or physical techniques. There is no way to develop the type of higher Magick you seek just by using your human hands and body, as some would have you believe.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Magick doesn't work like worldly skills, where you learn a technique for a fee, then you own it. There's something altogether different about it since it operates on a plane beyond the ordinary. Therefore it has higher requirements. Let me explain. It's a practice where you have to work on yourself. Many people are doing just the opposite. People do it for all kinds of reasons. But proper Magick training is about working on your mind and character.

You need to put this at the heart of your practice. And if you can accomplish this, you will find yourself spiritually elevating and your magical abilities growing. How do you define character, then? Being virtuous, practicing self-restraint, having faith, having discernment, letting go of unhealthy attachments, and being able to suffer gracefully are all parts of it. A lot goes into it. We should strive to develop our character in all aspects. By doing so, you will make tangible progress. Powerful Magick arises from such development.

Article by Rin Otori


Great article, this is confusing for so many. Heal yaself, being honest with yourself. Thanks, great read

Zee June 01, 2022

Phenomenal read.

Erik May 29, 2022

I am interested but how can I get, am from Tanzania east Africa

Justin Lupa May 29, 2022

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