Why You Should Evoke the Demon Ipos

Everyone should evoke the Demon Ipos at least once. I'll explain why, but first, let us begin by discussing her lineage and some of her unique abilities.

The 73rd Royal Demon, Ipos, comes from Belphegor's family line. Do you wish to become a professional spell-caster? If so, you should familiarize yourself with this Demon. Ipos specializes in taking Magick rookies and helping them establish their skills at a professional level. Therefore, she is ideal for anyone who wishes to make a career out of Magick.

Ipos is also extremely useful in dealing with life and people in general. For example, are you in charge of a business or position that would benefit from increased sales? If so, Ipos can assist you.This is accomplished by enhancing your ability to be articulate, convincing, and more effective at making others believe in you. In essence, Ipos enables you to develop a natural charm. In addition, if you have been working with her to perform Magick professionally, this will help you establish your credibility in this field to charge a fair rate for your services.

As well as helping people become professionals in the field of Magick, she also has another talent that can help with something everyone will face at some point. Death. Though death is inevitable, it does not have to be painful or frightening. By easing pain and allowing the individual to pass peacefully, Ipos can help with the transition. This can be for oneself or someone else. Furthermore, she can also assist with managing chronic pain and anxiety for those experiencing these issues.

Should you wish to begin working with Ipos, my best advice would be to obtain her pendant and begin with the evocation in Introduction to Demonic Magick. Ipos is highly responsive to evocations and will likely appear more frequently than most demons.

Article by Rin Otori


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