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Blog posts

  • Demon Aim - Duke of Hell
    February 5, 2021 The Order

    Demon Aim - Duke of Hell

    If you are in need of information about someone, Aim loves to reveal secrets, so this is another type of situation he excels in. Want to create chaos in someone’s home? This is your Demon. Aim can easily cause a blowout with a spouse or other family members. Alternatively, he might also cause electrical appliances to start malfunctioning or cause accidents around the house. Lastly, if you need to climb the corporate ranks or excel in some other personal ventures, Aim is generally more than happy to lend a hand in deceiving others to achieve your goals.
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  • Demonic Knife
    January 3, 2021 Rin Otori

    Ritual Knives and Blood Offerings

    One of the major purposes of any Magick ritual is to create a shift in your consciousness. Rituals are designed to take you out of your ordinary state of mind and into the altered state ideal for Magick. The more effort you put into making your rituals special and significant, the easier it becomes to reach this state and get into your own personal “Magick zone” if you will.
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