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  • magician
    August 3, 2022 Rin Otori

    Resistance - The Magician's Tool

     It is essential to understand that a real magician is someone who has developed the skill of mastering their will. Additionally, a large part of magical training involves sharpening one's will. When properly sharpened, the will can cut through any resistance to achieve any goal.
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  • The Nature of Will & Desire
    July 23, 2022 Rin Otori

    The Nature of Will & Desire

    Will is an expression of desire. It's possible to want to do something and not do it. But, on the other hand, it's hard to imagine doing something unless there are at least some remnants of a motive of desire,...

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  • 100 Hour Demonic Magick Challenge
    July 10, 2022 Rin Otori

    100 Hour Demonic Magick Challenge

    Today I would like to challenge you to devote 100 hoursto developing or improving a complex skill. This can include but is not limited to learning a new language, playing a sport, dancing, cooking, or playing an instrument. With that...

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  • demonic pact
    June 23, 2022 Rin Otori

    The Truth About Demonic Pacts

    The topic of pacts frequently comes up when discussing Demonic Magick. Unfortunately, many new to this practice often believe this is the only way to work with Demons. In other words, they falsely assume that Demonic Magick strictly involves entering...

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  • evocation
    June 10, 2022 Rin Otori

    Invocation versus Evocation

    Two terms are the frequent culprits of confusion for people new to Magick: invocation and evocation. Both terms appear in many books on occult philosophy and magick practice. The practitioner of Demonic Magick and ritual magick, in general, should be...

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  • Demonic Magick and the Art of Warfare
    June 9, 2022 Rin Otori

    Demonic Magick and the Art of Warfare

      In life, we are always seeking guidance and direction. Not only in the way of mentorship but in structures of beliefs and ideologies we can apply to our vast array of complex problems and decisions. This is why the greatest...

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  • agares sigil
    June 7, 2022 Rin Otori

    Demonic Magick to Force Fidelity

    Many couples remain together and choose to ignore their gut feeling about cheating. They stay since it is easier than being alone, and they fear that they will not find anyone else. I define infidelity as a clandestine relationship outside...

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  • ba'al sigil
    June 6, 2022 Rin Otori

    The Demonic Method For Emotional Indestructibility

    Are you experiencing issues in your personal or professional life due to the insecure narrative that continually plays in your mind? Are you afraid of people judging? Do you shudder when around powerful or intimidating individuals? "Who then is invincible?...

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