Love and Wisdom - The Cycle of Necessity

The human incarnation is the Cycle of Necessity, through which the soul passes from spirit to matter, and eventually from matter back to spirit. Ideally, the soul will have used this time to expose itself to all the varied experiences in form in order to build its foundation of Love and Wisdom and maintain a self-conscious existence in the afterlife.  Love and Wisdom are the two critical components for establishing an immortal life. In order for the soul to maintain an independent existence beyond the grave it must develop a certain degree of love. Love is an attractive power required to build an enduring form required for an imperishable existence. Without love, there would be no life because love’s attractive power is what holds together the form which the soul exists as. 


It is one thing to exist, but it is entirely meaningless unless we are conscious of our own existence. Just as we have labeled the attractive force as Love, we shall call the power of consciousness Wisdom.  Wisdom can only be acquired through experience with form, and since Love is the power which holds form in place it is that which proceeds all things. 

In other words, all activity which unfolds from life are a consequence of the general principle of attraction called Love. Consciousness (Wisdom) results from the activities which sprang from the aforementioned. With that said, it is also worth noting both attraction and consciousness are experienced more intensely when there is a contrasting previous experience. For example, if you have eaten something sweet, you will be much more conscious of the taste of something biter.  If you have experienced sadness, you will experience and appreciate happiness with much more intensity. Essentially, in addition to widening your range of experiences, the principle of contrast increases the intensity by which these experiences impress upon your consciousness. And the wider the range of experiences, the more shades of feeling we establish, the more refined our ability to discriminate becomes, and the more our range of feelings and emotions expands. Collecting and building upon these experiences is what it means to be alive. 


At the most basic level, this is the purpose of the soul. To create experiences. Every experience we’ve had, is an experience that we own forever. Even if over time we forget these experiences, they still have permanently impressed upon our soul; therefore increasing its power. In order for the soul to develop sufficient power to maintain a fully conscious existence after death, rather than existing semi consciously, it must have widely contrasting experiences of great variety. This cultivates the soul’s ability to attract and repel based on Love and Wisdom. Any creature existing without this ability is not truly alive and self conscious to the same extent as man. The only way to fully perceive the light is to experience it in all its varying degrees of intensity. And the only way we can truly appreciate the light is to experience the varying degrees of darkness with which it contrasts with. Nobody can fully appreciate the good things in life until they’ve had experience with the opposite. 

In order for man to be able to appreciate something, it must have sufficient ability to discriminate it amongst other things.  There is no better opportunity for the soul to develop these abilities and experiences than through human incarnation. 

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Love this and you brother amazing article professor!!!!

James Steven Dale carpenter March 28, 2024

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