Does the Devil Represent Evil or Justice?

Written by Rin Otori

Some may pursue Luciferianism under the allure of a perceived aura of dark romance and provocativeness. However, many others found their way through solid reasoning and a relentless need to pursue truth. 

What if Christians overcame the fear of eternal punishment and set aside all the superstitions deeply embedded into their mentality by the Church? 


They'd realize their entire faith was manipulated by a religion based on contradictory teachings that do not hold up to logical reasoning.  


The biggest challenge Christianity has faced from the very beginning has been its desperate need for an enemy and its inability to clearly construct one. By definition, an enemy is someone who is opposed to something or someone. One might argue that Christianity's enemy is clearly "The Devil." We know the Devil to be Lucifer/Satan, but what does the Devil stand for that makes him the enemy? 


Christians would say the Devil stands for evil. So my next question would be, what about the Devil that makes him evil? Is it because the Devil rules Hell—the place sinners go to be punished for eternity? 


In that case, if, according to Christian standards, sinners deserve to be there, what is evil about punishing them? 


Shouldn't the Devil be praised instead of feared? 


If anything, it is clear that the Devil stands for justice rather than evil.


To make such a claim and be fair, we must establish what justice is. 


Justice can be defined at its most basic level as the act or enforcement of rightfulness, which stems from lawfulness at its most fundamental level.


People generally are sentenced to eternal punishment in Hell for committing heinous crimes against humanity. So if the Devil punishes the people who commit these awful acts of injustice and abuse, how is it logical to say the Devil represents evil? 


On the other hand, the Bible itself cites Elohim (Christian God) personally carrying out mass killings and other acts of evil. In fact, I know of 103 Bible verses about such actions.


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Now tell me, who is genuinely evil here? 


At this point, it should be clear the Devil is not the embodiment of evil. Regardless of whatever Christian sin you cite, the Devil ensures justice is served. He does not entice people to sin. And so far, God hasn't made much of a case for being on the side of good. If anything, when the rose-tinted glasses are off, his track record is clearly evil by most standards. 


It's fair to say the Devil, Elohim's equal, is only considered 'evil' by Christians because he is not at their God's mercy. This brings us to the gut check Christians will do anything to avoid at all costs. Hopefully, you are one of the few who dare to look honestly at yourself: "Is this truly what I stand for and think is right?" 


Why would you believe you should completely submit yourself to worshipping a God such as this out of your own free will? Is it out of love and faith? Or is it purely out of fear? Fear of the alternative and fear of the unknown? Does it just feel like a safe bet? Do you genuinely believe this God loves you and can be trusted? In all other circumstances, humanity has gravitated toward leaders who support freedom, justice, and love. Tyrants only succeed in ruling through fear. The case of Christianity and its God is no different. All that aside, one thing is clear. It's time to put an end to such ignorance. We are no longer living in medieval times. There is no longer an excuse for such ignorance. No longer is it acceptable to shame anyone choosing to step out from the herd mentality and exercise freethinking. 

So, don't be afraid to step out of the herd and stand independently. 


I did the Renunciation of Christianity on August 31, 2023. The light side is darkness & what I thought to be darkness is light. I grew up in church for over 20 years unfortunately. I only discovered in the past few years that I found magick to be very fascinating & I wanted to practice. I am the only one in my family who does. I have noticed many contradictions in Christianity. I always wondered how a supposed loving god would burn his children in flames for all eternity. We were given free will & then destroyed for it. I am looking forward to my journey on my new path gaining truth & knowledge.

Dorothy Brown October 15, 2023

This is true. Christianity doesn’t like you to challenge their beliefs and when you do they shun you. In the old days you’d be excommunicated. Anyone who thinks outside the box gets punished and considered evil.

Rita Ribot November 29, 2022

Very well thought out and into amazing words. Great job. The author in my opinion made many logical points and presented demonstrations in giving the intrigued reader something to definitely think about, that is what if Yahweh is the ‘bad guy’ in charge…I mean the biblical tyrant, and I say ‘biblical’ because the author is absolutely ‘biblically’ correct in that one of the several gods in the Bible did in fact personally slay many people of our race, the human race (Ol’ Crazy Killing machine Yahweh acknowledged the existence of other gods just to contradict himself later on).

David November 29, 2022

If I could give a standing ovation, I would. Oh the epiphanies I’ve had on this topic in the last 13 years have been astonishing.

MLD November 22, 2022

Loved it! Great read.

Eric Pierson November 22, 2022

Amazing article!

Sondra November 22, 2022

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