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Halphas - Demon of Ambitions

There is no shortage of Demons able to help bring more money into your life, but Halphas, in particular, does not quite get the attention he should. This is strange because he's one of the easiest Demons to get results from quickly. Halphas can greatly increase monthly income by maxing out existing channels with just a few simple adjustments. For example, if you are already employed, there is usually room to earn more money without doing anything drastic like changing employers or even your entire career.

Halphas shines at helping employers see your value. Then, with just a nudge, he can trigger a raise or promotion. Of course, we can all agree it's fun to do Magick for random extra money, but Halphas prefers to set you up with consistent and predictable increases.

Have ambitions of rising to the top in your company or an organization you're affiliated with? This is Halphas's forte. Over an extended period, he can help you capitalize on your skills to get you from where you currently are to where you want to be. He also loves to help businesses develop and grow. But, perhaps the greatest part about working with this Demon is that he causes you to grow along with your wealth through the way the money comes. Financial success through Halphas typically comes from establishing goodwill with critical people in your life, seizing opportunities for advancement, and establishing yourself as an asset to others.

If you choose to evoke Halphas, he usually appears as a tall, broad-framed man around 7 feet in height. He has light skin, with black hair and eyes. Ringing chimes is one of Halphas' favorite ways of making his presence known. If you are unable to achieve a full evocation, placing wind-chimes in your ritual space

You will want to be prepared with an offering when contacting Halphas. Offerings of blood and his pendant are always recommended. Also, he's known to like offerings of incense, public proclamation, food, beer, and vodka.

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Doreen Barnett - April 24, 2022

I’m starting my sexual store with lingerie. I need a money windfall to help make a lot of money. I want a lot of peoples friendship and need rich partner. To help financially and powerful friendship

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