Overcoming Opposition and Influence on the Path

By Rin Otori

Resistance by others towards an individual's effort to step off the path to which he has grown accustomed and embark on the path of Luciferianism. The neophyte immediately finds that their resolution to practice Demonic Magick is challenged. Whether it be friends or family, it is not uncommon to be challenged when adopting something different than our peers.

It is customary that when a neophyte has decided to take some step toward adeptship, even a small one—they get thwarted by fierce and sometimes unexpected opposition. Since these situations occur so often, discussing how to handle them is worthwhile.

Herds have an instinct to demand that all members live the same way as the majority. Gregarious birds and mammals exhibit the same rigid restrictions on individual initiative. A person who dresses, eats, and lives differently than his peers is marked for disapproval. Consequently, if a neophyte breaks away from old and established ways of living, no matter how unsatisfactory, the individual is likely to stir up these reactionary forces.

As the mind is focused on a situation or condition that will lead to spiritual growth, the psychokinetic energy of the thoughts is directed towards it. The stronger the feeling about the situation or condition, the more psychokinetic energy is generated to attract it, and therefore, the faster the situation or condition will be drawn.

However, whether it is opposing spiritual forces, the influence of family or friends, or the psychokinetic power within the unconscious mind, whenever one resolves to alter life in some quite marked manner, opposition is almost sure to arise, and it usually occurs immediately. Each time we decide to take an upward step, we set in motion forces that test the genuineness and the power of this decision.

After this occurs, you will not have to wait long before becoming convinced that the decision to live differently quickly attracts into one's life the opportunity, if not the necessity, to either carry out this decision or fail to do so. The thought of the matter attracts the situation, and the resolution's strength is soon tested.
In these circumstances, the unconscious mind presents specific thoughts to our attention and releases certain emotional energies. Instead of being slaves to habit, we should learn to hold our predetermined new image for ourselves at the forefront of our minds. This mental image represents the attitude we have chosen to maintain. Whenever doubt or resistance arises in an attempt to lead us astray, it should be reinforced to prevent it from being displaced by the previously conditioned one.

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