The Language of Flames

In the realm of demonic magick, one often stumbles upon a multitude of symbols and signs that, upon first glance, may seem mundane. However, these seemingly insignificant details hold profound implications and secrets waiting to be deciphered. One such practice involves the interpretation of candle flames.


Whether you're performing a simple divination or a complex evocation, the flame of a candle can serve as your spiritual beacon, offering a means of interaction with the Demons you are contacting. It is important to read and interpret these signs diligently as they can provide valuable insights into the progression and success of your magickal workings.

Here are some typical interpretations of candle flame behaviors:

**Steady Flame:** A steady flame in a spell is akin to a steady pulse in a human body. It signifies the smooth progression of your intentions through the ethers to the intended Demon. The stable energy flow signifies a balanced connection between you and your target, indicating a positive trajectory towards manifestation.

**Flickering Flame:** Flickering flames are the Morse code of the spiritual world. A gentle rhythmic flicker often symbolizes the gathering of energy and momentum in your spellwork. However, if the flicker turns erratic, it could indicate disruption in the energy flow. This could be due to external influences or internal disarray within the practitioner. The more chaotic the flicker, the more urgent the need for reassessment and refocusing.

**High Flame:** A high flame suggests the presence of strong spiritual energy. It is a powerful sign that your intentions are being acknowledged by the Demon you've petitioned, and your desires are likely to manifest with considerable potency and speed. A towering flame, however, should not be confused with a rampant one, which might suggest an uncontrolled energy surge, requiring immediate attention.

**Low Flame:** A weak or low flame could imply resistance or blockage in your manifestation process. Just as a weak signal implies poor communication, a struggling flame points to a lack of energy or possible obstruction in your magickal intent. It is a call for reassessment of your intentions, or perhaps a need to address doubts and fears that may be dampening your spell's potency.

**Split Flame:** A split flame usually represents the involvement of multiple Demons. If you observe this phenomenon during a spell, it is quite likely that other Demons have joined in your ritual. This is usually a fortuitous sign of support and guidance.

**Sudden Extinguishment:** Just as a sudden blackout during a phone call implies a disconnect, an unexpected extinguishing of your candle flame may symbolize an obstacle preventing your intentions from reaching their destination. It could mean your intention needs refining, or there may be energetic barriers to address before resuming your ritual.

In all things, remember that interpretation of the flames is subjective and deeply personal. Trust your intuition and the wisdom you’ve acquired through your practice. The candle flame serves as a spiritual indicator, revealing messages coded in its dance. Keep your intentions clear and energies balanced, for successful manifestation in magick can be aided by understanding these silent, fiery whispers.


Pls could you pls help me evocation of mighty DUKE BUNE.i love and wish to have a working partnership with Her.I need her as my Guardian demon.

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