The Luciferian's Soul Journey

Individual consciousness contains energy that expresses itself through awareness and form. We know this as the ego. In the simplest of terms, the best way to describe the ego is ‘Potentiality.’ Potentiality is essentially the substance of the capacity to become.

The ego has no beginning or end. It does not stay the same but continually evolves and changes, adding new experiences each day. We identify ourselves with our state of consciousness.

The totality of these states of consciousness is what we call the soul. The soul is responsible for operating to advance the ego during its journey through life.
The first stage in this process is to make the ego a self-aware, conscious form during birth. For the ego to become self-aware, it must have contact with relative existence, allowing one to discriminate “I” from what “I” is not.

Self-consciousness cannot exist without comparisons. The ego must make comparisons to form a perception of what self is, and everything self is not.

The soul has a second function; which is attracting; molding; and repelling the various forms that give it experience. There can be no consciousness of attraction, love, or happiness until we have experienced the contrary and multiple types of these experiences. When following the path of Luciferianism and

Demonic Magick, we must recognize that the Demons behind our Magick work directly to help us realize our desires in the most appropriate way based on the nature of our soul and its current development.

- Rin Otori

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