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The Path of Luciferian Initiation

This article is meant to address the issue of initiation. Many people seek out initiation without actually understanding what it entails or how one benefits from it. I will not be addressing Formal Initiation into The Order, as that is an entirely different thing in its own right. Instead, I will be dealing with initiation into the Path of Luciferianism.

The entrance to the Luciferian path is to be sought within, not outside, for the aspiring initiate. It involves discovering and unfolding the individual's hidden capacities, which have become dormant and out of touch with them. The course is set from the moment one begins to seek out Lucifer. Although this is the first step, actually treading down the path successfully requires the ability to maintain a desire to do so, even in the face of obstacles, fear, and other discouraging circumstances.

Through continued study, the seeker will learn that his dream of something more is rooted in fact, and his desire is rooted in instinct. Here through The Order, you are given a map of the path. But no one can walk this path for you. Initiation above all else is a spiritual experience, requiring the candidate to go beyond the ordinary human senses. During initiation, one learns to shift consciousness from the personality (ego)- the unit of incarnation to the higher self. Shifting consciousness in this manner is attained by shifting the focus from the body's desires to the desires of the spirit.

Once mastered, things typically not perceivable to the human senses become noticeable. A successful initiation causes a flash of cosmic consciousness, allowing one to see with the eyes of the spirit instead of the physical eyes. From this moment on, the initiate progresses beyond a mere incarnation into a continuous cycle of evolution.

The capacity to fully use the craft of Demonic Magick is finally made available, and the initiate learns how to operate from higher planes to make changes on the physical plane of existence.

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