The Truth About Demonic Pacts

The topic of pacts frequently comes up when discussing Demonic Magick. Unfortunately, many new to this practice often believe this is the only way to work with Demons. In other words, they falsely assume that Demonic Magick strictly involves entering into a binding agreement in exchange for something. Most commonly, this is thought to be at the cost of the individual's soul.

That could not be further from the truth. Truthfully, there is no reason why one would have to put their soul on the line or make a human sacrifice to enter into a pact with a Demon. There are far more reasonable alternative offerings that will suffice. Most often, what Demons require for a pact is a significant ongoing commitment. It can sometimes be in the form of giving up a vice you enjoy, such as drinking or watching television. Most often, it will typically be in your best interest and will help you achieve your goal. Alternatively, a pact agreement may require you to make a significant tribute to the Demon you have pacted. When entering a wealth or business pact, this is often fulfilled by naming a product or company after the Demon.

Individuals commonly make pacts in the music or movie industry. You can easily find numerous clues and examples of these agreements with some research. Some are obvious, such as an entire song or movie about a Demon or Lucifer. Other times, more subtle hints are embedded within the lyrics or screenplay.

 The Order rarely recommends Demonic pacts for people new to Magick.

That is not because pacts are inherently dangerous, but they are a serious commitment and should not be taken lightly or done on a whim. Pacts should be reserved for advanced practitioners who need a major result with a rapid turnaround that would be very difficult or unlikely to be achieved by other means. Most people need magick for much simpler matters such as getting out of debt, improving their dating life, or winning in court.

Fortunately, you will find no shortage of potions, rituals, and other magickal solutions for such issues provided by The Order. That said, there are certain situations when a pact is the most appropriate solution. If that is the case for you, and you are ready to make this serious commitment, this is what I recommend using for your pact.

Article by Rin Otori

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