Ba'al - Demon of Indestructibility

Have you ever felt like people are just lining up to take swipes at you?

At times, even the best of us have to deal with our share of criticism and opposition. Rather than allowing this to break you down, call upon Ba'al to become emotionally indestructible.

Doing so will enable you to develop a thicker skin and come out stronger from the situation and closer to becoming the best version of yourself. Furthermore, for those who do not want to merely survive but rather thrive in their environment, Ba'al can help you take over any organization. This is not done through any malicious tactics but simply by advancement resulting from your personal development.

Ba'al is a Demon that specializes in the dynamics of social interaction. And in this modern age, working with Ba'al has never been more valuable and practical. We live in an era where prominence comes through politics and strategic alliances. Where you currently lie within this social hierarchy can be one of your greatest blessings or curses in life.

Ba'al is incredibly adept at helping one climb the ranks while protecting from abuse and opposition. He works at a swift pace and is very responsive to matters of extreme urgency.

Perhaps due to his deep understanding of how humans operate, he is a favorite amongst law enforcement and investigators for helping to locate victims or uncover a criminal.

Ba'al is very keen on interacting and working with humans. He is even often called upon to assist with exorcisms. And although he does prefer to work on a more positive note, he is fully capable of doling out insidious curses when necessary. So with that said, if Ba'al happens to be your Patron or you have developed a good relationship with him, definitely consider calling on Ba'al should the need to hex arise.

Lastly, a common issue for new Luciferians or people involved in the occult is explaining their religious beliefs to others, especially close friends and family members. Many practice in secrecy but would like to do so openly. If this is the case for you, petition Ba'al for assistance. There is much peace and joy to be had in fully owning your beliefs and taking pride in your practice.


Hail BA’AL! 🫶🏾

erik December 13, 2023

Each of these articles helps me feel personally connected to each one of the demons. Thank you so much for sharing these tidbits of information!

Dom November 30, 2021

Absolutely wonderful and great information on Ba’al. I appreciate all of this information thank you so much. Great article and post.

Anastasia Lee November 30, 2021

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