Eligos - Demon of Admiration

To put it simply, for those wanting to understand the primary magickal aspect of Eligos, it is the advancement of one's career or position in life.

Whether one chooses to acknowledge it or not, every individual's success is largely dependent upon the goodwill and approval of others. To what extent, this varies depending on the situation and nature of their career or position in life. But ultimately, upon reviewing the life of any successful individual, we find critical moments where their breakthrough was a direct result of what I like to call a "gatekeeper," allowing them to advance.

This gatekeeper scenario is reoccurring, whether it is the interviewer for a job that will upgrade your living situation to the next level, a corporate representative who stands between you landing the biggest client of your career, or a romantic interest's parents, whose approval you must win to get their marriage blessing.

So many aspiring actors never land their first gig because they cannot get past the gatekeeper. In their case, it would be the casting agent who stands between them and that one part that would propel their career forward and lead to their first leading role. Time after time, there is always someone standing between where we are and where we want to go next.

The next time you run into the gatekeeper, remember to petition Eligos. She is a favorite amongst aspiring social media celebrities because of her incredible effectiveness at causing anyone to become wildly popular.

Naturally, she is also a favorite amongst politicians. And when dealing with politics, this is not limited to government politics. Eligos is also phenomenal at dealing with corporate politics as well. So for any situation where you need to impress someone of a higher status, such as your employer or manager, there is no better fit for the task than Eligos.

As one advances through life and climbs the ranks, they soon learn that any increase in greatness comes with an increase in jealousy and resentment from others. Fortunately, the relationship established with Eligos during your rise will help you stay there and fend off enemies made along the way who wish to have you fall.

She is particularly good at ending the spread of malicious gossip and also discovering the plans from a rival or enemy. So maintaining a close relationship with Eligos will serve you well in protecting your status and success.


why do you use the symbol of a snake that rose above the flames on the staff of destiny. I understand the part of the snake but why the staff that pierced the side of the so called one true son. The two have nothing in common with each other.

larry July 19, 2023

Hello! What sort of offerings does Eligos like?

Thank you!

M May 01, 2023

The article provided more than I expected – Hail Eligos ✨!

Jelly December 08, 2021

I love 💕 your sites. It gives hope for me, a wanting to be Luciferian but never getting the chance

David Francis December 08, 2021

I love 💗 your site 😊 thank you 😊

Annette Ayres December 07, 2021

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