Ishtar - Demon of Passion

Has it been too long since you've felt truly alive, rather than merely existing? If you are currently struggling with empathy for life, the Demon Ishtar can give you that jolt of excitement you've been lacking.

In most cases, this has to do with a lack of love or sexual passion. Perhaps you've been single for a long time and would like to be in a relationship but have yet to meet anyone of interest. In that case, Ishtar can help you find someone new who would be a good romantic match. Or perhaps you are currently in a relationship, but things have gone stale. This is one of the common issues couples run into in long-term relationships. It doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong in the relationship. The relationship just needs to be injected with some new life. Ishtar is incredible at doing that. Petition her to enhance and renew desire in your relationship, and soon you'll become reacquainted with that new relationship rush of passion all over again.

With that said, understand this is not manipulative magick, and you should not feel that any love or desire from your partner is ingenuine. Instead, Ishtar works by illuminating the qualities and aspects that drew you to one another in the first place. Like many things, relationships require care and maintenance. Unfortunately, it is a common human tendency to get too comfortable in a relationship over time and forget to do the maintenance needed, leading to a decline in passion and happiness within the relationship.

Since this is typically a gradual decline, it often goes unnoticed, and people become accustomed to the relationship in this unhealthy state, completely forgetting how good things used to be.

Ishtar will usually appear as a woman 7.5 ft in height, with black hair, a tan complexion, and honey-colored eyes. However, if she does not appear in full evocation, she will often send other signs of her presence. Usually, this will manifest as the sudden smell of roses, orbs of light, or a wind breeze.

When contacting Ishtar, you will want to come prepared with an offering. Her pendant and blood offerings are expected. Additional recommended offerings include sexual offerings, pyrite, turquoise, mandrake, and rose petals.


Hail Ishtar!

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Hail ishtar!

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