Hades - Demon of Refinement

Hades, known as "God of the Underworld," is a highly well-known deity due to his significant role in Greek Mythology. For the same reason, however, he is also severely misunderstood. How he is depicted within Greek Mythology has little to do with his true nature as a high Demon of Lucifer's Intermediary Legion.

Hades has always been renowned and feared for his wrath and ability to torment and torture his enemies. However, his love and relationship with Persephone are unrepresented within the sources of Greek mythology, a significant issue because it is this union with Persephone that led to Hades reaching his highest evolution.

To truly understand Hades, we must understand the depths of his love for Persephone. Through Hades' love, we can unlock the encrypted meaning behind the Alchemist's pursuit of the Philosopher's stone.

The legend begins with Hades falling in love with Persephone and meeting rejection from her until he gains composure over his abrasive personality and fiery temper.

Desperate for Persephone's love, Hades threw himself into Hell's furnace and burned by the flames of refinement.

His actions are a perfect example of the highest form of alchemy. This spiritual smelting process changed him entirely, causing all his impurities to be melted away until all that was left was pure love. By the end of the process, Hadess became highly refined, well-mannered, respected, and in complete control of his temper.

As a result, he won Persephone's heart, and they share an eternal bond as soulmates.

With that said, one should not make the mistake of assuming Hades became a weaker man due to this refinement. On the contrary, it is quite the opposite. Hades is still a master of war, and his emotional control made him even more effective in this area. He is an excellent choice for occult warfare capable of carrying out the most potent hexes.

However, limiting the scope of Hades' work to cursework would mean missing out on some of his most beneficial qualities. For this reason, The Order teaches practitioners to invoke Hades to refine the soul. Through Hades, uncontrolled triggers, intense anger issues, depression, and lack of emotional restraint are refined into a presence of quiet, confident power.

As a result, you will become a better leader, friend, and lover while gaining the respect and confidence of your peers.

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I just love Hades! working with him to be a better person! Thank you for this anazing write up brother!

Tommy Le December 11, 2021

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