Odin - Demon of Force and Fire

Nearly all surviving information on Odin stems from Germanic and Norse Mythology. However, since Mythology is merely a collection of Myths, it provides little value for the practical Occultist. Today, I will reveal what is known about Odin based on the Luciferian tradition. Through the royal line of Prince Leviathan, Odin emerged as a revered God in Germanic and Norse Paganism. However, the nature of his birth was a very unique situation. Not only was it created out of necessity, but it was also not produced through conventional childbirth. Instead, Odin was created as a literal “double copy” of Leviathan himself. For this reason, although Odin’s rank falls within the Intermediary Legion, his powers and ability are comparable to Leviathan himself—one of the most powerful Demons within Lucifer’s entire legion.

He is the husband of Freya. Although Norse mythology refers to Freya’s husband as Odr. The two are, in reality, indistinguishable. In other words, Odr is only a distinct counterpart to Odin in name only.

Odin is an incredibly well-rounded Demon.

Being a natural inheritor of war and physical combat skills, Odin is widely revered for his phenomenal strength and wisdom. He is often petitioned for protection, guidance, and assistance when faced with overwhelming circumstances. Seek out Odin when in fear, and you will find the strength and courage you need to overcome the grimmest situations.

Another signature ability of Odin is his mastery over shapeshifting, which is perhaps the origin of his commonly depicted guise as a Vagabond in Mythology. For those looking to work with Odin Magickally, you will find him incredibly helpful with his Divination and Mind Control skills. Odin can help you develop the ability of foresight and assist you in influencing others in a multitude of ways.

For those who would like to begin working with Odin, we recommend starting with his 7-day invocation piece.

This is the ideal way to get acquainted with his energy. It is a highly empowering experience. Expect to feel a new spark of life and feeling in touch with a greater unstoppable purpose.


Hail Odin!!

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Beautiful vegvísir! Hail Odin!

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Hail odin!

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