Vine - Demon of Advanced Magick

Would you like to take your Magick abilities to the next level?
If so, Vine is the perfect Mentor to have in your corner. Whether you are interested in improving your divination skills, necromancy, or spell-casting, Vine can assist and enhance your development in any area of Magick.

That’s not all…

He’ll also have your back if you are experiencing issues with an ex. One of his favorite strategies is to make them suddenly overcome with love for you once more, allowing you to use this emotional vulnerability to your advantage.

The chances of winding up on the receiving end of hexes become more likely for those who have become deeply involved in Magick. Often, the best way to defend oneself is to go on the offensive. In this sort of situation, Vine can help you identify who cursed you so that you know where to direct your attack.

Lastly, suppose someone is actively working against you. In that case, Vine can nip that in the bud by breaking that person’s will, rendering them unable to persist with their efforts.

In Full Evocation, Vine is known to appear as a man around 7 feet in height. His appearance is heavily muscular, with blonde hair, green eyes, and light skin.

This Demon tends to be harder than most to evoke, so it may take several attempts before achieving a physical evocation. This is Vine's way of weeding out those who are not serious practitioners. When petitioning Vine, you will want to have an offering prepared ahead of time. His pendant and a blood offering are typically expected. In addition, he also appreciates public proclamation, money, art, and green grapes.


All hail the infernal for their help. King Bael, Lord Lucifer and Lord Vine! My client and her child were hit with a nasty hex and the infernal Kings have come to their rescue.
Thank you!

Kisha K May 08, 2023

Can I use vine sigil to help me visualize and do magick ritual books to

TODD Dotson February 26, 2023

Hail Vine! Public proclamation in thanks to Vine. After using the Circle Of Ascension, my no reason stubborn baby mother now is coming around and seeing my daughter is my advantage
Thank you Rin, and Lucifer as well.

James carpenter November 07, 2022

Hail vine!

Ronald Nock September 14, 2021

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