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Agares Invocation Of Fidelity


7th Witch House proudly presents the Agares invocation of Fidelity.

 Agares is a proud member of the Royal Legion who is a major contributor of 7th Witch House’s most powerful fidelity potions and products. 

An invocation with Agares can lend you his Demonic abilities in love, reconciliation, commanding Fidelity, and loyalty of your romantic and platonic relationships alike.

Agares’s specialties include:

1. Assists with learning a new language.
2. Can diminish an individual’s power and ability in Magick
3. Assists with proper communication regarding a unique situation
4. Motivates a person who procrastinates or is indecisive to act.
5. Can sway a person who has left your home to return
6. Forces colleagues, lovers, and family members to be honest with you.
7. Protects you from harm and heartbreak
8. Will force a lover to be faithful 

Run. Don’t walk… toward this unbelievably powerful 7 day invocation!

You will receive Agares’s official invocation piece, hand crafted perfection made of tungsten, silver, and 18k gold.

You will also get his official 7 day invocation. 


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