The Order

Amdusias Invocation of Creative Advantage


7th Witch House proudly presents the:

“Amdusias Invocation of Creative Advantage”
Have you ever wanted to dominate or explore a new creative endeavor? Do you desire to further your talents or gain new talents? Does your job require a sense of creativity that you seem to lack? 
Do you seek to gain substantial wealth from your creative interests, but don’t know where to start? 

If so, then this invocation is absolutely for you! This 18k gold and Citrine original invocation piece bound to Royal Demon Amdusias, will give you the ability to dominate in your field of creative interest and/or learn a new skill, and will help demonically give you the direction needed to highly profit from your endeavor. 

You will receive this original masterpiece, a luxury lighted jewelry box, a sterling silver chain, and free domestic shipping. 

Do not miss out on this invocation!


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