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Amnesia Diamond Line Potion


                ⏳Amnesia Diamond Line Potion⌛️

😩Trauma, shame, and embarrassment of our past can hold us back on a multitude of levels in regards to success, love, and happiness.

⌛️Memory of traumatic events or people can keep us paralyzed and unable to break free from our pain and inhibits our rising Phoenix moments. 

😔It is the absence of that healing and the imprisonment of our minds in shame that blocks us from our purpose and from becoming the highest versions of ourselves. 
Break free from the old you.

🧨You are not your past, and nor should you be judged by it forever and held back from the pursuit of happiness, love and wealth due to it. 

💎This powerful potion is a Diamond Line Demonic triple threat worth its weight in platinum. Depending on the ritual, you choose to do. 

🔋1. You can do the Demonic ritual intended to help make someone else forget about either an act you committed, a bad memory, or a point of embarrassment/shame for you that would concern this target. 

🔋2. You can do the Demonic ritual intended to help make you forget about someone entirely and vice versa. 

🔋3. Or you can choose to do the ritual that helps you forget about an extremely traumatic event. 

🧨 By using crushed meteorite, and pure silver and gold in this 6 month marinated potion, you can use this for as many incidents as you want, as needed for up to two years. Do not miss out on this true cosmic rarity.  

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