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Anti-Apathy Magick Potion


Anti Apathy was created to give your target the motivation and boost they need to complete a task, make a move, grow up, and show that they care. Apathy has proved to be an epidemic of its own nowadays. People have grown comfortable, entitled and bored due to over abundance of opportunities and lack of vision, self esteem, and motivation. Things are far too easy now comparative to the days when people had to forage for food and shelter. So many have lost their embedded hunter nature and zest for life. This translates to lack of focus and lack of effort placed in relationships, jobs, friendships, and drive for a better life.

You can use this on yourself, a lover, a friend, family members, staff or even a child who refuses to fly the coop after high-school. This will give your target a renewed zest for life and make them place a greater effort in everything they do.


To activate, apply six drops on a white candle wick with your name engraved into it. Light for 6 minutes and focus your intent into the flame. 

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