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Anti-Self Sabotage Potion


Are you a mess and a half? Do you get in your own way and mess up relationships, opportunities, and your own happiness due to self-sabotage?

•Have you found yourself cheating on your diets?
•Do you end up creating drama and fight with your significant other or friends for no reason at all?
• Do you isolate yourself when you truly need connection?
• Do you avoid paying your bills or waiting till the very last minute or later to complete critical tasks?

Then this Potion is for you! 💗

If so, you are a self-sabotager and you need the help of Demon Bastet and Anubis who will set you straight and help you allow yourself the happiness and future you deserve by not getting in your own way and destroying them.

Help yourself and take the steps to mental health freedom and a bright future in love, wealth and happiness.

How to use: Carve your name on Silver or Gold Chime Candle once every two weeks or as needed.

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