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Aphrodite Demonic Love Potion

Our brand new Aphrodite love potion contains a divine blend of Magickal oils and herbs that have for centuries been used as offerings to the incredible Demonic Goddess Aphrodite.

This is the perfect potion to use when seeking increased amounts or new avenues of love and affection. This potion is also known to increase one's aura of charisma, beauty and allure, which may be used to seduce or deepen love. Our Aphrodite potion includes 12 different offering Magickal, 24k gold, and crushed ruby.

This potion is great to use for dressing candles, wearing on pulse points, doing spellwork and readings, or adding to a bath.


Carve target's name into a red chime candle. Apply 6 drops of oil on the candle wick before lighting and allow candle to burn for a minimum of 6 minutes.

Candle may be discarded after use. 

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