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Asmodeus Demonic Invocation Necklace


Asmodeus is the 5th Crowned Prince of the Royal legion and whose line is responsible for the fiercest love and seduction Demons including Gremori, Lilith, Beleth and many more. Asmodeus is a major part of our most successful love and sex potions and can help you attract love, have charisma, increase glamour, and achieve desire from all.

Asmodeus is also a major Demon in our Master of your Craft oil and can help you achieve absolute Mastery in any field of choice. 

This bracelet will not only help you attract love and sex, but you can use this to invoke Asmodeus for extreme results.

You will receive his spell of invocation to be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke him.

This invocation can make you feel desirable , passionate, powerful, loved, and beaming with beauty.

These are made with pure Swarovski Crystals to resemble crystal Quartz, Amythest, Rose Quartz, and is plated in 18k gold. 

Bracelet Type: Swarovski: Square of Seduction
Main Stone: Crystal
Metals Type: Rose Gold
Metal Stamp: 18k
Chain Type: Link Chain
Pendant Size: 1.02”x.1.02”
Side Stone: Swarovski Crystals

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