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Astaroth Invocation of Pleasure


Astaroth Invocation of Pleasure

If you choose to invoke using the incantation given, this powerhouse invocation will help lend you the abilities of Royal Demon Astaroth to:

• Influence anyone you desire of any sex or status

• Find your purpose

• Have a significant surge of creativity and intelligence

• Accept yourself and radiate sexual magnetism and confidence 

• Feel no shame or guilt

• Heighten sexual experiences

• Seek and bring joy to your life

• Break from feelings of self hatred

• Give you the ability to find and attract pleasure in all forms

• Find what makes you passionate and wanting to get up in the morning 

• Helps you influence small and large crowds alike 

Astaroth is a main component in the potions: Syncophant, Take me to church, Mirage, and Opiate. 

Ring and necklace 925 Silver

14k gold plated

Stone: Moissanite

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