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Ba’al Invocation of Emotional Indestructibility


Ba’al Invocation of Emotional Indestructibility 

Is your social or professional  life a wreck because of the insecure narrative that you have constantly playing on loop in your mind? Do you have a phobia of people judging you when you speak? Do you crumble in fear around other intimidating or powerful people? Crumble no more!

You're not alone, and 7th Witch House is so honored to bring you a solution in the Baal Invocation of Emotional Indestructibility.

Ba’al is an incredibly high respected Demon of the Royal Legion from the line of the 7th. Ba’al is most skilled in controlling your emotions, protecting you from intimidation, disrespect and fear. 

Ba’al is helpful at helping you stand up for yourself, fight for what you want, and effectively communicate with presence and respect rather than spiraling into emotion. Ba’al is also terrific for using in cases of Angelic intimidation, or possession. Ba’al can also provide an express conduit path for connecting hexes in particular. 


Don’t miss out on this stunning 7 day invocation piece that can be worn as a necklace or ring. 


Necklace, white gold over silver

Ring, Tungsten

Stone: Onyx


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