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Bad Motherfucker Magick Potion


Tired of feeling insecure and not getting the respect you deserve?

Go from beta to Bad Motherfucker w/ this brilliant Uber potent potion by 7th Witch House!

This potion will help to give you:

- Bad ass charisma
- Alpha energy
- Anti-beta vibes
- Insane Charisma

Plus, a brilliant dominating presence nobody can ignore!

This is perfect for big meetings, dates, or any situation where you need a confidence boost!

And yes, if you’re an adult you’ll also seduce like a bad motherfucker as well. Who wouldn’t be attracted to such charisma?


Inscribe your name into a gold candle and anoint with 6 drops of potion. Light for six minutes while focusing your intent and how you want to be treated and adored on the flame.

****If you want to use this on behalf of your child to prevent or deal with bullying, you will use a white candle.

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