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Bastet Iconic Rebound Diamond Line Set

$500.00 $2,800.00

💎Bastet Iconic Rebound Diamond Line Set💎

💣This Iconic Diamond Line set worth over $2,800, is on a special sale to debut Bastet’s release. 

💣Have you tried to step into the limelight before and had it just not take off? Do you feel like you have years of youth, wealth and missed opportunities wasted due to fear or failure? 
Time to reverse it! ⌛️

💣This premiere set comes with everything you need to bounce back from failure or disappointment, and step into the level of beauty, fame and wealth that you had always envisioned yourself to have.

💣This is your second chance to step back into the spotlight and reclaim the dreams and time lost. This is your second chance at Iconic Fame, beauty and fortune.  

This set includes:

• A reusable and durable geometric potions heart case.

• Bastet ritual bound conduit tool

• 7th Witch House Potion Candles 

• Iconic Rebound Diamond line Candle

• Iconic Rebound Diamond line Beauty Bar

• Iconic Rebound Fame Diamond line Potion

•Iconic Rebound Wealth Diamond line Potion

• Iconic Rebound Beauty Diamond line Potion

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