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Bee Good Potion Set


🐝Bee Good Potion Set 🐝
🐞This brand new gentle, yet powerful all organic “Bee Good” children’s potion will calm your child and make them be more willing to behave. This will work using The 7th to Magickally make them happy, cut tantrums and make them more willing to listen to you. This will also work by Magickally making them focus and not feel so overwhelmed and anxious. This can also help with children who are sensory sensitive. 

How to use: 🐳
You may burn this potion on a silver candle weekly or as needed. Place 6 drops of potion on wick with your child’s name carved into the side of candle and burn for 6 minutes while speaking your intention into candle.

🐸Potion Spray:
Do 1-3 sprays of Be Good potion on child daily or as needed to give accelerated boosters of potion.

🦖These products work on little kids and big kids alike.
🦋This even works on adults!

🐌*Do patch test to make sure they are not allergic to spray. If any allergies to it are detected, discontinue use. All 7th Witch House products are bought and used at your own risk and at your own discretion.

🐙All products and product titles are copyright of 7th Witch House🐙

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