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Beelzebub Square of Demonic Invocation


Beelzebub is the 4th Crown Prince of the Royal legion and whose line is responsible for activating the most powerful hexes for The order. Beelzebub is also the Demon responsible for the most potent retribution, hex, revenge, and justice potions for 7th Witch House such as Beelzebub Insanity, Certain Termination, Cheater, and Damnation!

A demonic invocation of Beelzebub is powerful enough to help attract respect, confidence, obedience, mastering hex casting, and the increased ability of discernment. This necklace is also great for anyone who wants to get closer to Beelzebub or just represent their Patron.

An invocation of Beelzebub will not only help you maintain personal power and protection, but you will also be able to cast hexes like never before and dole out justice where it belongs.

You will receive his conjuring of invocation that can be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke him.
Invocation lasts for 7 days at a time and can be done endless amounts of times.
These are made with pure Crystals to be a clean clear conduit of Invocation.

Only 35 of these have been made and when they are gone, they are GONE! These will not restock anytime in the near future.

Necklace Type:: Beelzebub Square of Invocation
Main Stone: Clear Crystal
Side Stones: Clear Crystal
Metals Type: Sterling Silver
Metal Stamp: Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: 4 carat
Ring size: Adjustable

****Only the Silver with Clear Crystal option is available for this Necklace****

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