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Beleth Demonic Invocation Necklace


Beleth Invocation of Sacred Sex Magick

This stunning handmade 925 silver and pure Swarovski Crystal Invocation piece is bound to the high Demon of Sex Magick: Beleth

Sex magick is one of the most potent forms of magick there is. That's because you are using the top Sex Demon in the Legion combined with your sexual power to clear the way to make your biggest, sexiest, sweetest erotic dreams come true. Beleth is responsible for powering some of the hottest potions 7th Witch House offers including Scream My Name, Sexual Magnetism, Desire Me, and Extreme Beauty Shapeshifting. 


A Beleth Sex Magick invocation will make you a liberated and confident master of sex. You will shed your inhibitions, be more daring, confident, and superior skill wise in sex as Beleth takes over and brings unbridled passion to your partner and yourself. 


This invocation lasts 48 hours and is meant to be used specifically on sexual experiences. All you have to do is complete the spell and let go as Beleth enters you and turns you into a sexual God or Goddess. 

This invocation will draw others to you sexually regardless of orientation. 

You will become a beacon of sexual desire that you never thought possible. If performed correctly, this invocation will make you feel a supercharged rush of passion that you haven't felt in years or possibly ever. You will blow your partner away by your skill, magnetism and attraction. 

Do not hesitate, as this invocation piece only has 40 made and will likely never restock. 

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