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Bet it all on Black


7th Witch House is proud to introduce our newest hit potion: "Bet it all on Black!"
When the stakes are high, and your odds are low, use this Diamond demonic potion to tip the scales and give you the edge when it comes to getting what you want. This powerful elixir has been bound to Lucifer and Tiamat, and its potent effects are sure to help you achieve your desired outcome. Whether it be a promotion at work or a new relationship, this potion is sure to help you get the upper hand in any situation. Don’t let anything stand in your way!

Make sure to use it judiciously, as its effects can be overwhelming without proper care. Unleash your true potential and take control of your destiny with "Bet it all on Black!"

 Use on any high stakes situation where you need unfavorable odds moved to your favor. Use in cases of employment, finances, love, friendship, power, legalities, and more. 

All instructions included. 


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