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Better Parent Conduit Bonding Set

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Better Parent Conduit Bonding Set

 Experience the enduring embrace of the "Better Parent" Conduit Bonding Set, a creation that marries 7th Witch House’s signature luxury with the timeless art of connection. This set will arrive with a splendid 18K gold-plated necklace for the parent and a harmonious bracelet for the child, each piece graced with gemstone charms that resonate with the spirit of Choronzon.

Craft a unique circle of protection and understanding for each precious relationship, as each set is individually crafted for a singular parent-child pair. For those with more than one child, we welcome the creation of additional sets to honor the unique bond you share with each of your children.

Allow the "Better Parent" Conduit Bonding Set to be the guardian of your familial love, a luxurious testament to the individual connection you nurture with every child in your life.

Its power is ever-present, working to fortify the relationship between parent and child (of any age) whether the pieces adorn your bodies or rest close to heart within your home.

Choose to wear it as a statement of your bond or keep it as a private emblem of the invisible thread that ties your hearts — this set is more than an accessory; it is a pledge of lifelong connection, an heirloom of the spirit to be cherished through the years. Embrace the essence of parenting with the elegance and depth of Carline's "Better Parent" Conduit Bonding Set.

Each set includes a necklace, bracelet, and a better parent bonding ritual. 

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