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Bifrons Invocation of the Oracle


The 7th Witch House is an extremely proud to present to you the Bifrons invocation of the Oracle.

Bifrons is a highly respected Royal Demon amongst the Legion and is responsible assisting those who seek to advance or even professionally practice divination, professional readings, and spell casting.

This invocation will open up your blockages and allow you to far better divinate, demonically channel, spell cast, and foresee events in the near future. This divination well help you get in touch which your own soul and discernment/psychic abilities as well. 
This invaluable invocation piece can also assist those who deeply struggle with visualization and meditation.

Bifrons largest specialties include: 

• Enabling Communication with the Dead

• Enabling memory recall for events you have forgotten 

• Helps you successfully learn and practice Astrology and Tarot

•Can help you establish a career in Magick

• Will assist in divination skills

• Will help one professionally practice advanced magick and bring good customers

•Helping one be calm and centered in chaotic situations 

•Helping one focus and be wise

This divine oracle piece is a must have when it comes to mastering the dark arts. 

You will receive her spell of invocation to be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke her.
These are made with pure green sapphire. 
Don’t miss out!

Necklace Type: Bifrons Invocation of the Oracle
Main Stone: Green Sapphire 
Side Stones: White Sapphire
Metals Type: Sterling Silver
Metal Stamp: Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: 2 carat
Ring size: Adjustable

****Only the Silver with Green Sapphire option is available for this Necklace***

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