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Big Dick Energy Potion


Despite the interesting name, this potion has an extremely serious, needed and helpful ability.

Sometimes men are hammered in life by people or circumstance and their mental health takes a toll. However Men’s mental health is still taboo, so they don’t often seek counsel and then sometimes perpetuate toxic cycles that hurt others. This potion will work with you to quickly handle these feelings and make whole what was lost. 

This potion is bound with Intermediary Demons: Adonis and Eros to make men who are broken or lack confidence, security and/or pride suddenly find it. This is a self love and mental health potion for men to keep your mind right, focused, and positive. This potion uses Adonis to also emit more pheromones and be naturally seen as more attractive, intelligent and likable to sexual and non sexual prospects alike. 

Potion works for 1 month at a time but can be lit more often or worn as a booster. 

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