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Break Up Demonic Hex Candle


Have you been cheated on or had your heart broken by someone, all to turn around and see them off with someone new? Do you seek retribution? Do you have your sights set on someone unavailable? If so then this candle is for you!

Our famous break up and hex potions are now carefully mixed and crafted into an incredibly powerful official 7th Witch House break up candle and is perhaps one of our strongest break up products that we offer. 

This candle is made from all organic beeswax and is pre blessed with hex and break up Potion. This also contains a few drops of our famous “Strychnine” potion. This will aid in creating conflict and making one feel figuratively suffocated while around their mate and within the relationship. While this doesn’t guarantee a break up, it can certainly cause enough strife to get a couple to that point.
All spellwork is done.

At 7th Witch House our over 200+ products have boasted well over 2000 5 star reviews and several thousand very happy customers worldwide, including many Celebrities 

Instructions to activate:

Simply carve your targets’ names along the side of one of the bodies. 1 name per body and light until it burns entirely. Say spell that will be included while lit and focus your intention on the flame. Effects last one month!

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