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Breaking Ties Cord Cutting Potion

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Do you have a toxic link to someone that keeps you in a revolving door of pain and frozen from progressing in life?

We have all been there, and sometimes even just the idea or memory of breakups and separations can rock our emotional cores of their axis whether platonic or not. 

Sometimes we lose sight of what it was to feel like ourselves without that other person. We forget who we are, and our value as a single entity.

You make ask yourself, “Can I ever feel love or happiness again without this person?” Yes! You absolutely can! 

This potion has a 100% success rate and can help you or your target effectively cut ties with any adult and make the soul have peace, and no longer be bound to someone else. 

This can also break a toxic relationship, partnership, family relationship or friendship with a bad energy that has been hanging around you for too long. It will end the tie at the soul level to where the one soul no longer yearns for the other. 

How to use: •(Black) Chime Candle is to be used. •Name of target scratched into one side of candle, your name on the other side of candle. • 12 drops on wick • Burn 12 minutes total • Focus intention on flame and say out loud what you wish to be free of. • Say spell: "Hoc funiculum et omnem dolorem meum ab illo statim et indefinite secare volo." •You may have photo present during ritual to boost it if you choose. • Continue to focus intent on candle until 12 minutes are up. • Blow out candle and discard in trash • Perform this spell as needed for various tie breaking. Multiple ties can be broken per bottle. One ritual per tie is all that is needed, but you can repeat it if you choose.

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