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Limited Edition Buer Mental Regeneration Restore

$175.00 $550.00

Are you feeling extreme stress lately? Are you down? Are you in a terrible funk? Then, we have something here to demonically help you snap out of that headspace and find your center and inspiration again. Don’t sit in sadness and isolation. 

This limited edition Buer mental regeneration kit is bound to Demon Buer to magickally help with physical and mental anguish and the after-effects of trauma or extreme stress. 

Breakthrough and go after life beyond stress, trauma, and heartbreak through this incredible kit. 

This Limited Edition Kit Includes:  

Anti-Retrograde Potion Spray: To help you counteract the draining and frustrating effects and feelings during retrograde

Regeneration Potion: The company's favorite regeneration potion is made to demonically restore and heal at a cellular level. 

Mental Regeneration Potion Candle: This is to demonically help repair the damage and triggers of extreme stress and trauma. 

Buer Extreme Stress Ritual: This is also done to demonically help repair the damage and triggers done by extreme stress and trauma. 

 Conduit Crystal Stone: To give as an offering in the ritual. 

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