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Build a Bond Magick Potion


Do you have a friendship or relationship on the rocks? Looking to build strong ties to someone important to you? Do you long to be close to someone who is or has become an acquaintance?

This extremely potent trust potion uses Demon Orobas to build trust between you and your target and open a channel to allow meaningful communication and connection.

This can be used in platonic and romantic relationships alike when there are issues with trust, closeness and communication between you and your target.

This can create deeper friendships, help make networking connections, or even help a fractured relationship grow and heal through trust and communication. This potion makes your target more open and willing to communicate with you.
This potion uses a unique magickal potion blend, Coconut, 24k gold, Silver, Cedar, and Crushed Citrine


  • Put 6 drops on the wick of a white candle with your targets’ name carved into it.
  • Light for 6 minutes while focusing your intention and what you want to come of this relationship on the flame.

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