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Celebrity Magick Potion


*Black diamond listing. Current existing product of The Order formerly known as “Bella Vita” is now made by 7th Witch House and available on online for the first time*


This beyond incredibly potent fame potion is an exclusive amongst celebrity clients of The Order.

This potion will give you an edge above the competition in a casting and make others flock to you. When you don’t have time to mess around with a complicated spell casting, this is the potion you want for fast immediate results.


This batch is made with a large potion of 24k Gold and this batch is magickally marinated for 8 weeks at a time within The Order. This is used with the strongest fame and attraction spells of The Order.

This will make you look far more appealing to the eye and sound more pleasant to the ear.

You will be able to command attention, gain positive feedback, and negotiate MUCH higher pay. Past clients have been able to negotiate higher contracts in the millions.


If you are working on a large project, movie, song, etc, this will give you raving reviews from customers and critics. This can also benefit directors and casting companies seeking certain actors.


If this is an academic endeavor or to build fame for a business, you will gain notoriety and fame for your work.


This Celebrity oil is bound with a powerhouse trio of demons: Paimon, Belial and Gremori.



***For current celebrity clients, this is the identical recipe if you currently purchase bottles from The Order directly. Discrete packaging is available and under no circumstances will your address or name be shared***

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