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Compliance Hex Potion


• Compliance Hex• 

7th Witch House is proud to present to you this bold and intensely effective hex powered by High Royal Demon Belial to force someone to adhere to the vows or promises that they made. 
Now days so many people make promises they refuse to keep. These broken promises cause a domino effect of chaos for the ones that counted on them. 

This can be used for contracts, vows, responsibilities such as child support or being there for the child, a current legal marriage, and pacts or promises made by another. 

This potion will haunt the target and make them feel unbearably guilty and be plagued with night terrors and a feeling of extreme anxiety until they fulfill their agreements. 

How to Use:

Carve your target's name on a black candle and anoint the wick of the candle with 6 drops of the potion. You will light your candle for 6 minutes and focus or speak your intent into the flame. 

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