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Crocell Invocation of Elevation


Facing barriers in your academic pursuits? Do you desire to unlock the peak of your physical potential? Seeking equilibrium in your emotional intelligence?

7th Witch House introduces the embodiment of mastery and transformation - the "Crocell Invocation of Elevation."

Handcrafted to perfection and demonically bound, this Invocation piece resonates with the unmatched power of Demon Crocell from the distinguished Royal Legion.

Dive into Crocell’s Realm of Expertise:

  • Renowned for his unparalleled wisdom, Crocell bestows upon bearers the ability to excel academically, making complex studies seem attainable.
  • Break through physical limits with Crocell’s guidance. Whether it's athletic prowess or simple daily vigor you seek, reach your optimum with ease.
  • Navigate emotional landscapes with grace. With Crocell, grow in emotional intelligence, understanding, and handling sentiments with refined acuity.

Crocell is a beacon of empowerment, dedicated to helping you elevate the triad of your existence: the mind, body, and emotions.

By embracing this invocation, you are set to:

  • Propel your academic achievements to new heights.
  • Unlock unparalleled physical capabilities.
  • Harmonize and enhance your emotional intelligence.

Experience true elevation with the "Crocell Invocation of Elevation," designed to amplify every sphere of your life.

Upon acquiring this unique piece, you'll be bestowed with Crocell's sacred invocation. Pair it with the invocation necklace to consistently connect with Crocell's empowering essence.

Meticulously crafted from pure silver, each piece is adorned with a demonically charged ruby. Limited to just 30 pieces. Once these treasures are claimed, they won't be seen again. Don't let this rare gem slip through your fingers!

Necklace Specifications:

  • Metal Type: Pure Silver and Ruby
  • Main Stone: Ruby
  • Metals Type: Pure Silver
  • Metal Stamp: Silver
  • Chain Type: Necklace
  • Main Stone Size: 1 carat


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