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Dagon Invocation of Destruction


🔥7th Witch House Proudly presents:🔥
“Dagon Invocation of Destruction”

This invocation is what you can use when you are completely fed up with a targets’ antics and wish to crush the opposition like an ant beneath a boot.

This is a 3 day invocation with special rituals included.
Full information in the link.

Dagon can empower the powerless, and help give you the power and strength to carry on when you feel like you have nothing left to give. Dagon can make your enemies shudder when hearing your name, confess their disgusting plans and actions, and make them beg for an ultimate ending.

Dagon is a part of some of the fiercest hex potions such as “return to sender” “Fall From Grace” “Certain Termination” and “Occult Warfare.”

In general, Royal Demon Dagon can help you rise and completely conquer your enemies, embarrass them publicly, and throw their assaults and attacks right back at them times ten. 

This invocation necklace will not only help you resonate with his qualities, but you can use this to invoke Dagon for extreme results.

You will receive his spell of invocation to be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke him.

This is a 3 day Invocation with a special spell for occult warfare and conquering enemies. 

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