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Delicatus & Vanity Pact Box

$500.00 $1,000.00

"Delicatus Triple Diamond Line Potion: An exquisite concoction, expertly blended to help gracefully and demonically elongate and refine your physique. This potion embodies sophistication, transforming your body into a paragon of delicate features and slender elegance.

Vanity Pact Acceleration Potion: This potent demonic force of a potion is engineered to enhance, rejuvenate, and facilitate the completion of the Vanity Pact ritual of Tiamat. This potion is an essential catalyst, rejuvenating and intensifying the ritual's effects for a profound, fast acting transformative experience.

🗝Vanity Pact Acceleration Potion Roller: This innovative roller application method for the Vanity Pact Acceleration Potion offers precision and efficiency. It’s uniquely designed to deepen and hasten the effects of the Tiamat ritual, ensuring a more potent and complete metamorphosis.

Delicatus Potion Spray: A fast-acting version of the Delicatus Potion, this spray is engineered for rapid absorption and enhancement. It works swiftly to accentuate and expedite the potion’s effects, guiding you seamlessly towards your ideal, dreamlike physical form with utmost grace.

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