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Demonic Conduit Ritual Triangle


🔺Demonic Conduit Ritual Triangle🔺

🎴This is the Official 18-inch, solid-wood white ritual triangle of The Order. All Demonic Rituals of The Order are traditionally done within this triangle. You may have seen this triangle in my Diabolico videos and noticed my sigil and candles pulsating.

🎴This triangle is a physical conduit and charged with a powerful Demonic protection and acceleration ritual to keep you safe and to make your ritual results charged to the brink. 

🎴Would you like to elevate your Magick?

🎴Now you can apply the ancient principles of
Sacred Geometry to your Ritual work
with this Demonic Conduit triangle.

🎴Triangles are nature's symbolic representation of
balance and harmony. The three-sided shape relates to the body, mind, and spirit. The upward-facing point taps into all three, channeling the force while simultaneously raising one's consciousness.

🎴The sacred triangle represents the process of development and getting to the highest point of change.

🎴The upright triangle is the alchemical symbol of fire, stimulating your fiery emotions, passions, and spiritual aspirations.

🎴Used in Magick, it becomes a conduit for our actions of intent, creating a rising force that brings us closer to the divine.

🎴To use, simply place this triangle on your ritual space in the upright position with your sigil and candles in the center to elevate your ritual work. 

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